Reflections on Jewish Kabbalat Shabbat Service

Similar to my previous post on my reflections on Catholic Mass, I also visited a Jewish Kabbalat Shabbat service in which they made preparations for the Sabbath.  It was also an amazing experience and I found myself wishing for a permanent identity to a culture.  Again this is a paper from my MC500 class.

Religious Tradition Experience: Jewish Kabbalat Shabbat Service

In preparing for my visit to a Jewish service, I researched online first for the locations and found the Pasadena Jewish Center close by. I found that their website very informative with quite a bit of text and some pictures that are organized very well. There is an emphasis on the content as the website included many drop down menus and explanations for each of the different parts of the Jewish Center that shows the history of how they came about. I reached out from the contact page by email to Rabbi Joshua Grater, but received an out of office response that he was on vacation that provided another email contact. I emailed Bruce and asked about the service and what to expect, as well as what their congregation wears as there is some variance from one Jewish community to another. Bruce and another assistant to the Rabbi’s office promptly replied to me, letting me know how Cantor Ruth helps us along in the service through a prayer book and that the dress code with collared shirts and no shorts work well in the setting. They also informed me of the kippah, a small head covering that is a sign for the reverence in the presence of God. The Kabbalat Shabbat service serves for them as a preparation and welcoming of the Sabbath and they invited me to a short blessing over the wine and bread and dessert reception after.
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Reflections on Catholic Mass

This is a paper I wrote over the summer describing my visit to a Catholic Mass for my MC500 class. Part of the assignment was to make observations and see ways that there are similarities and differences in the way we worship. It was a wonderful experience and eye opening for me as it was my first time visiting a Catholic Mass.

Ethnic Church Immersion Experience: Catholic Church Visit

Coming from a rather ethnic Asian church and having seen various churches on the Protestant side, I decided to go to a much more structured and traditional service by visiting the Catholic Church. In preparing for the Catholic church visit, I started by thinking back at some of the classes I took for church history, systematic theology, and talking to some of my Catholic friends. Some of them told me of their past experiences and jokingly suggested that Catholic Mass is an exercise of standing, sitting and kneeling. In reaching out to one of my Fuller Catholic classmates Kristen, I arranged to visit Catholic Mass the coming Sunday at the Holy Family Church.

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